International alumnus working to minimise cyber security threats

University of Waikato alumnus Eric Wang is dedicated to safeguarding New Zealand organizations from rising cybersecurity threats in our increasingly digitized world.

25 Nov 2021

Eric worked in the IT industry for many years in Taiwan across roles in various areas including systems engineering, information security and personal data protection. Armed with a Bachelor of Business Administration from Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan and a Master of Science from Baruch College, The City University of New York, Eric saw further postgraduate study abroad as a good opportunity to further his overseas life experience.

Master of Cyber Security graduate Eric Wang credits Waikato for putting him on the pathway to success.

In 2018 and in his mid-forties, Eric decided to move his family to New Zealand and pursue a Master of Cyber Security at the University of Waikato.

“The University of Waikato is recognised among the world’s best in computer science and has the country’s first Master of Cyber Security focusing on malware analysis, penetration tests, cloud computing and legal compliance,” he says.

Eric enjoyed the complex and challenging nature of the Masters programme.

“Security in the IT field is challenging and complex, and covers many technical and non-technical aspects. Being a trusted IT security player is an intellectually and financially rewarding job, which can make our lives, communities and society better by ensuring IT is applied and managed securely.”

While at Waikato, Eric spent most of his time walking the grounds or busy working on assignments in one of the computer labs. “I have many unforgettable memories that took place in the 24-hour computer areas where classmates and I would have countless discussions, exchanges of ideas and even arguments.”

Since graduating in 2019 Eric has been working as a professional consultant at an audit firm in Auckland, putting his cybersecurity skills to good use implementing adequate security controls and incident management procedures to protect his clients.

Eric credits his Master’s degree from Waikato for putting him on a pathway to success. “The new literacy of cybersecurity risks, cloud computing technologies and legal compliance requirements I received from studying at Waikato has equipped me to make professional judgements on each security assessment, which has been extremely beneficial for my clients.”

Eric also recommends the study abroad experience for any aspiring international student.

“Studying abroad is an exciting journey. If you want to earn a qualification from a prestigious university, study new things in a multi-cultural environment, have a laid-back and affordable lifestyle and be able to work in New Zealand for a longer period of time, studying at Waikato is the place for you.”

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