Scholarship recipient loves learning about people

31 Jan 2023

It takes a special person to receive two scholarships from the University of Waikato but that’s what happened to Bachelor of Science student Brooklyn Edwards.

Scholarship recipient Brooklyn Edwards

Brooklyn is doing a double major in Psychology and Human Resource Management and is about to launch into her third year. The former Hillcrest High School student in Hamilton says she loves to learn about people.

Because of dedication to her study and academic success, Brooklyn was awarded the Scott Bartlett Memorial Scholarship and the University of Waikato Distinguished Alumni Scholarship.

Brooklyn is a people-person who wants to make an impact. She says, “I study Psychology because it is an interesting area and I want to learn more about the mental processes behind human behaviour. I chose to study Human Resources because it teaches about dealing with people – from both I can learn why people do certain things.”

The awards, worth a total of $8000, will assist Brooklyn in her study. “I have many years of study ahead to qualify in my chosen field, these scholarships will be a huge benefit to me. I feel humbled, appreciative and supported by the University of Waikato in my chosen path.”

Brooklyn’s chosen path is on course to be an Industrial/Organisational Psychologist. “I want to help organisations and businesses improve the work environment and be involved in tailoring solutions which incorporate diverse needs of our community.”

During her study, Brooklyn has found the tutors and lecturers to always be approachable and helpful. “I love how there is overlap between Psychology and Human Resources; it really helps me understand how they link together and confirms that I chose the right majors.”

The Scott Bartlett Memorial Scholarship was established in 2021 in memory of Scott Bartlett who was an active member of the University Council, a Director of ASB, and an alumnus of the Waikato Management School. He was a highly respected leader in the business community and Chief Executive of Kordia at the time of his death in late 2020 aged just 40.

The University of Waikato Distinguished Alumni Scholarship was established by Dr Andrew Smith, DAA 2019, the University’s first Rhodes Scholar. Dr Smith, who is also on the board of the University's charity arm, the University of Waikato Foundation, gifted the Scholarship which aims to help students in the final year of their undergraduate degree.

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