University moves to cashless operations

The University of Waikato is moving to cashless operations in 2021.

22 Feb 2021

The University of Waikato is moving to cashless operations in 2021.

The change means all payments to the University, from large amounts like fees and accommodation, to incidental transactions like casual gym visits and ticket purchases at the Gallagher Academy of Performing Arts, must now be electronic.

The move comes as part of a continuing process of seeking financial efficiencies. Director, Finance and Analytics, Marc Scott, says working without cash makes sense on a number of levels.

“Electronic payments are faster and safer for everyone. Avoiding cash handling also means we don’t need to pay for a secure transfer service to our nearest bank branch, and it’s another step we can take towards meeting Covid-19 Alert Level 1 hygiene recommendations.”

Marc Scott

While the shift does not include external retailers with a presence on campus, the University itself has operated a number of cash tills across its campuses until now. Each area of the University that could be affected by the move to cashless payments expressed support for the initiative.

Mr Scott says consulting with internal stakeholders raised the opportunity for simplifying paperwork associated with accepting payments as part of the transition period.

“Everyone from our Halls Managers to Librarians agrees this is a positive step to take. We’re working together to make sure it’s user-friendly for both staff, students and the rest of our University community.”



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