University of Waikato expands operations in Vietnam

The University of Waikato expands its presence in Vietnam, forging an innovative partnership with Van Lang University in Ho Chi Minh City. This collaboration aims to offer study pathways for

15 Nov 2021

The University of Waikato continues to expand its operations in Vietnam, signing an innovative new partnership this week with Van Lang University in Ho Chi Minh City, to provide study pathways for students as part of the new University of Waikato Bachelor of Communication, with a major in Public Relations.

Van Lang students who successfully complete the first two years of study in the programme in Vietnam will be eligible to transfer to New Zealand to complete the remainder of their degree.

The announcement comes after the success of a joint partnership between Waikato and the National Economics University (NEU) in Vietnam’s capital Hanoi. The tertiary providers began delivering a full offshore Bachelor of Business course with majors in Supply Chain Management and Digital Business in September this year. The partnership makes the University of Waikato the first New Zealand university to fully deliver an undergraduate programme in Vietnam.

Students are jointly taught by staff from Waikato (based in Vietnam and online) and from the School of Trade and International Economics at NEU, with opportunities for students to study in New Zealand for part of their degree once border restrictions ease.

The course exceeded application expectations over a marketing period of just two months, with 75 students accepted.

University of Waikato Director of International, Sharon Calvert, says Vietnam continues to be a very important and high demand market for collaboration, and global partnerships such as this one are a critical component to Waikato’s success as an internationally recognised university.

“During the pandemic we have continued to enhance our current partnerships but also look to develop new and innovative partnerships that bring benefit to the University but also to New Zealand, the Waikato and Bay of Plenty regions,” she says.

The University has been building relationships in Vietnam for the last eight years, and despite travel restrictions, there remains a commitment from both sides to explore innovative approaches to teaching, learning and research.

“Our partners and students are committed to New Zealand and once borders open again we hope to welcome them to our campuses in Hamilton and Tauranga as well as invite them to explore the amazing opportunities within New Zealand and the Waikato and Bay of Plenty regions.

“We are thrilled to be able to provide globally recognised offshore qualifications at a time when there is increased demand in Vietnam’s supply chain, public relations and digital business industries. The unique learning environment allows students to be close to home, family and career opportunities but also an opportunity to spend time in New Zealand, providing a truly ‘global’ experience.”

Education New Zealand Asia regional director Ben Burrowes, who spoke at the signing ceremony of the Van Lang/Waikato agreement says the initiatives demonstrate the University of Waikato’s solid commitment in Vietnam.

“International students are an asset to New Zealand universities and employers. However, the Covid-19 pandemic has presented many challenges for students who intended to travel to New Zealand for study opportunities.

“Education Zealand has been working with the sector to diversify and innovate how we deliver an international education experience that doesn’t necessarily require students to be sitting in classrooms here. These partnerships are an excellent example of this and demonstrates how New Zealand can deliver outstanding offshore education programmes that are well received.

“Furthermore, building offshore ties today strengthens the potential for New Zealand’s regional hubs – like the Waikato – to experience the many benefits of global citizenship that offshore students will bring to our country when they’re able to study, live and work in New Zealand in the future.”

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