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Rural health research - an opportunity for interdisciplinary research

There has been very little research into the health of rural populations in New Zealand. Part of this has been due to a lack of an agreed definition as to what constitutes “rural”. Another aspect has been political – both within academia and with regard regional and national politics. Within the two New Zealand medical schools, despite targeted government funding the focus is on biomedical rather than health services research. Thus neither school has a dedicated chair in rural health studies, while most academics publishing in the field are rural clinicians with a part-time interest and little training in research. With regards the regional
and national scenes, for decades we have seen a centralisation of services and resources on the main centres, shortages in the rural workforce and a political focus on new hospitals and specialist services. The talk will examine the definition of rurality, will talk about rural populations and health services and discuss ways of assessing health needs.

Date: Tuesday 16th April, 2019
Time:  1pm
Location: K.G.06

Speaker information

Ross Lawrenson has a Diploma in Community Health (Otago) and a Doctorate of Medicine form University of London. He has published more than 30 peer reviewed publications on rural health. He is a board member of the rural New Zealand GP Network.

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