Events & Conferences

Seminar Series

19 February 2019
Who partners up? Educational Assortative Matching and the Distribution of Income in New Zealand
Omoniyi Alimi. Venue: K.G.06 - 1pm

16 April, 2019
Rural health research - An opportunity for interdisciplinary research
Ross Lawrenson. Venue: K.G.06 - 1pm

18 June 2019
Spatially modelling net migration within NZ’s cities and towns
Lars Brabyn. Venue: I.1.01 - 1pm

25 June 2019
Exploring formal demographic methods
Ian Pool. Venue: I.1.01 - 10am

16 July 2019
'It's a very confusing space': Disabilities, dating, and (not)belonging
Lynda Johnston. Venue: KG.06 - 1pm

20 August 2019
Topic TBC
Ian Pool. Venue: KG.06 - 1pm

17 September 2019
Topic TBC
Leona Mendoza. Venue: I.1.01 - 1pm

15 October 2019
Understanding the Cultural Influences on Maori Fertility
Moana Rarere. Venue: KG.06 - 1pm

22 October 2019
Securitised Citizenship: How investors brought a stake in the welfare state
Tom Baker. Venue: I.1.09 - 1pm


November 2016
Pathways, Circuits and Crossroads 2016 Conference
Presentations available.

NIDEA Launch Symposium - 24 November 2010

View the presentations given by NIDEA staff members and guests at the November 2010 NIDEA Launch.

Graham Hugo - People are Important: The demographic challenges facing New Zealand and Australia
Natalie Jackson - Challenges and Opportunities Facing New Zealand's Labour Market
Tahu Kukutai - Future-proofing the Māori Demographic Gift
Andrew Coleman - Longevity and the challenge for public policy
Dave Maré - Issues for New Zealand Cities
Frank Scrimgeour - The Demography of NZ Agribusiness
Richard Bedford - New Zealand's Migration System in the early 21st century
Jacques Poot - Trans-Tasman Migration and Catching Up With Australia
Steven Stillman - The Importance of Experimental Evidence for Social Science Research