National Institute of Demographic and Economic Analysis (NIDEA)

NIDEA is the only national institute of demographic and population-focused research in Aotearoa New Zealand. It undertakes research that helps inform choices and responses to the demographic, social and economic interactions that are shaping Aotearoa New Zealand's future. NIDEA is also the only national research institute that offers a research-led major in population studies and graduate degrees in population studies and demography.

Access to Covid-19 Vaccination Services - updated 24th November 2021

NIDEA has produced maps at the SA2 level to show how spatial accessibility to Covid-19 vaccination services varies across Aotearoa. These maps pull together vaccination service data from HealthPoint and vaccination rates from the Ministry of Health. The data underlying these maps is available for download to help Māori, Iwi, Pacific, and community organisations target their outreach at a micro-scale.

Covid-19 Vaccination Rates Dashboard - updated 30 November 2021

With increased attention to COVID-19 vaccination as a critical component of our COVID-19 elimination strategy, NIDEA has developed a dashboard to ensure up-to-date vaccination rates can be viewed for our population by age, ethnicity and DHB region.

A user-friendly dashboard has been created to allow visualisation of age-specific, crude and age-standardised vaccination rates for first and second doses, and for users to understand the equity implications of our vaccination delivery strategies. Population distributions and rate ratios are also presented.

The dashboard is currently updated weekly, using vaccination data from the Ministry of Health, with population denominator from the Health Service User database. Ethnicity data is prioritised, and age bands starting at 12 years to align with vaccination eligibility.

Previous weeks' dashboards are available here

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