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Dr Lynne Chepulis

Senior Research Fellow, Medical Research Centre

Qualifications: BSc, MSc, Mphil, PhD

Research Interests

Nutrition, Diabetes, Obesity, Epidemiology, Chronic disease development, Cancer, Clinical trials.

Current projects include
i) an assessment of antioxidant-rich food extracts on glycaemic response in prediabetes
ii) NZ Public Health Nutrition (evaluation of sugars in SSBs, children's breakfast cereals,
processed foods)
iii) exploring barriers to lung cancer diagnosis in Maori
iv) microbiome change in gestational diabetes
v) barriers to diagnosis in patients with colorectal cancer 
vi) the use of appropriate screening tools to determine health outcomes following surgery in the elderly.

About Me

Dr Chepulis has a background in nutrition and physiology, with an interest in the links between diet and chronic disease (including cancer and diabetes). She currently leads a program investigating the role of the microbiome in women with gestational diabetes, and projects two HRC-funded studies to investigate the barriers to diagnosis in lung and colorectal cancer.


Biochemistry; Biology; Population Studies; Science

cancer research, sugar; nutrition; diabetes; disease; elderly

Recent Publications

  • Chepulis, L., & Mearns, G. (2018). New Zealand breakfast cereals: are there sufficient low-sugar, low-sodium options?. Public Health Nutrition, 1-2. doi:10.1017/S1368980018000113 Open Access version:

  • Chepulis, L., Mearns, G., Hill, S., Wu, J. H., Crino, M., Alderton, S., & Jenner, K. (2018). The nutritional content of supermarket beverages: a cross-sectional analysis of New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the UK – CORRIGENDUM. Public Health Nutrition, 1. doi:10.1017/S1368980018000794

  • Mearns, G., & Chepulis, L. M. (2017). Health and nutritional literacy of New Zealand nursing students. In Nutrients: Conference Report: Nutrition Society of New Zealand Annual Conference Held in Wellington, New Zealand, 1-4 December 2015 Vol. 9 (pp. 22). MDPI AG.

  • Mearns, G. J., Chepulis, L., Britnell, S., & Skinner, K. (2017). Health and nutritional literacy of New Zealand nursing students. Journal of Nursing Education, 56(1), 43-48. doi:10.3928/01484834-20161219-09

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Chepulis, Dr Lynne 4193 lynnec K.3.09 Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor

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