Professor Natalie Jackson

Professor of Demography

Qualifications: BSocSc MSocSc (Hons) Waikato, PhD Australian National University

Research Interests

Most of my research is focused on the different drivers and patterns of population ageing unfolding across and within Australia and New Zealand, and the consequences of these trends for education, the labour market, local, state and federal/national governments, and business in general.

My other research areas are fertility trends, feminist demography, socio-demographic differentials between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians and New Zealanders, and the ‘disparate impact’ of policy on minority groups.

About Me

I am Professor of Demography and former Director of the National Institute of Demographic and Economic Analysis at the University of Waikato. I gained my PhD in Demography from the Australian National University, and Bachelor and Master of Social Science degrees in demography and anthropology from the University of Waikato - where I began my career as a mature student.

I've recently returned to New Zealand after 15 years in Australia, the last 11 spent at the University of Tasmania where I was Director of the Demographic Analytical Services Unit and taught and supervised students undertaking population-oriented studies. While in Australia, I was directly involved in the ‘gearing up’ for population ageing as a member of several government committees, working groups and roundtables on population ageing. Among these were the Federal Government’s ‘Building Ageing Research Capacity’ (2003-2004) and the ARC-NHMRC Working Group on ‘Ageing Well, Ageing Productively’ (2004-2005). I’ve authored approximately 86 published articles, book chapters, research and consultancy reports and other scholastic output on related topics. Since 1999 I have run a website in the public domain on Tasmania-specific population issues (, and since 2001 have given around 120 invited addresses on population-related topics to a broad range of government and industry conferences and seminars, and 230 media interviews. In 2002-2004 I was Vice President of the Australian Population Association, and in 2006 and 2007 its national president. Since returning to New Zealand I have been become Vice President of the New Zealand Population Association.

I have enormous interest in all things demographic, and look forward to working with New Zealand industry and interest groups.

Recent Publications

  • Jackson, N., & Cameron, M. (2017). The unavoidable nature of population ageing and the ageing-driven end of growth - an update for New Zealand. Journal of Population Ageing, 26 pages. doi:10.1007/s12062-017-9180-8

  • Kukutai, T., & Jackson, N. (2016). Youthful population more at risk of prison time. In Waatea News. Retrieved from

  • Jackson, N., Cameron, M., & Pool, I. (2015). The mechanisms of subnational depopulation - towards a typology. In New Zealand's Population Conference 2015. Hamilton, New Zealand.

  • Cameron, M. P., & Jackson, N. (2015). The unavoidable nature of population ageing - believe it or face the consequences. In New Zealand Population Conference 2015. Hamilton, New Zealand.

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