CaDDANZ: Capturing the Diversity Dividend of Aotearoa/New Zealand

NIDEA Researchers:

Francis Collins (Science Leader), Tahu Kukutai (Key Researcher), Arama Rata (Key Researcher), Renae Dixon (Project Manager)

NIDEA Associates and Affiliates:

Lars Brabyn (Key Researcher), Michael Cameron (Key Researcher), Natalie Jackson (Key Researcher), Dave Mare (Key Researcher)


MBIE Health and Society Fund (now Endeavour Fund)


2014 - 2020

About the research:

CaDDANZ investigates how Aotearoa New Zealand can better prepare for, capture and maximise the benefits of an increasingly diverse population. The research measures, maps and analyses the complex societal impacts of diversity and the implications for businesses, households and communities of mobility, migration, indigeneity, ethnic identity, demographic change (including structural ageing and fertility) and urban/regional disparities.

A significant component of the research is concerned with the implications of diversity for Māori and with how Māori engage in diversity. The research programme is comprehensive, multi-phased and organised around three themes: ethno-demographic diversity; societal impacts and opportunities; and institutional implications and responses.

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