About Us


Our business is adding value to your business. At the New Zealand Institute for Business Research, our people have a wealth of expertise in areas ranging from innovation to economic impact analysis. We work with industry, government agencies and other organisations to enhance productivity and contribute to sustainable business.

History and background

The New Zealand Institute for Business Research draws on the research excellence of New Zealand’s top research business school and nearly three decades of leading-edge business consultancy.

Quality research from a world-class business school

Waikato Management School is one of a very small group of elite business schools across the world to have achieved triple-crown accreditation (AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS). It is ranked the number one business school in the country for research quality.

This academic rigour underpins all the research undertaken by the Institute.

Sustainability lies at the heart of the School’s research and teaching, and the Institute has a unique focus on how sustainability strategy and practices can contribute to enhanced profit, productivity and performance.

Our expertise and what we can offer you

The Institute’s current strengths relate to agribusiness and particularly supply chains, financial analysis and business performance, business impact analysis, innovation and the business of health.

  • Tailored contract research
  • Collaborative research programmes
  • Consultancy services
  • Executive training programmes
  • Workshops and conferences

Major research themes covered:

Business in Society:

  • Accessible transport
  • Conservation investment
  • Household surveys
  • Poverty maps
  • Discrete choice experiment
  • Food and nutritional security
  • Transport and wellbeing

Agribusiness and Innovation:

  • Water management and healthy rivers
  • Dairy/kiwifruit industry analysis
  • Land use change
  • Trade modelling
  • Environmental contamination

Business in the Service Sector:

  • Waikato-Auckland railway feasibility
  • Non-tariff barriers to trade
  • Public health practice
  • Tourism and hospitality sectors

Business Performance and Leadership:

  • Servant leadership
  • Leading high-performing teams
  • Leadership styles and mindsets
  • Diversity and leadership
  • Māori leadership

    *** This list is not comprehensive ***

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