Based on a common interest in furthering educational development and collaboration, NZIBR organises and facilitates short-term training programmes for international organisations.

Each training programme is individually designed to support the needs and objectives of the visiting group. The programmes which involve English component are organised in conjunction with University of Waikato College.

Some of the programmes that NZIBR has organised focused on English language speaking ability, improving soft skills, public speaking, enhancing decision making and building confidence in delivering presentations in English. NZIBR has also organised programmes to develop understanding of New Zealand policies and institutions and contemporary global issues, with a key focus on informed decision-making.

During the programmes, guest speakers from organisations relevant to the programme are invited to share their experiences with the participants. Participants are also provided with opportunity to visit government offices and engage with political leaders as part of the programme.

Social and cultural activities form an important part of our training programme. These include day-trips to famous places and the Māori cultural programme, A Taste of Culture. Furthermore, participants are introduced to kiwi-living and spend part of their stay with host families.

Contact Details:

To learn more about our short-term training programmes email Amanda Wilson or call +64 7 838 4314.