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Associate Professor Eva Collins

NZIBR Executive Director

Qualifications: BS (Hons) Portland State, MA Essex, PhD George Washington

A former Washington lobbyist, Eva has a long-standing interest in sustainability and works with the IBR’s Sustainability Research Group. Her research interests include sustainability policy and management, strategic environmental management and business government strategy. She is a collaborator in a longitudinal study of sustainability practices of New Zealand businesses, and has contributed to a series of case studies of sustainable businesses that have drawn international attention.

Recent Publications

  • Starik, M., Kanashiro, P., & Collins, E. (2017). Sustainability management textbooks: Potentially necessary, but probably not sufficient. Academy of Management Learning & Education, 16(3), 503-505. doi:10.5465/amle.2017.0188

  • Pavlovich, K., Connolly, H., Gibb, J., & Collins, E. (2017). Yealands Wine Group Holdings Limited: A case study. Journal of Management & Organization, 23(5), 728-740. doi:10.1017/jmo.2017.11

  • Gibb, J., Connolly, H., Collins, E., & Pavlovich, K. (2016). Nice guys making Nice Blocks. Journal of Management & Organization, 22(1), 133-137. doi:10.1017/jmo.2015.10

  • Collins, E., Kearins, K., Tregidga, H., & Bowden, S. (2016). Selling all good: How small new entrants can compete. The Case Journal, 12(3), 374-398. doi:10.1108/TCJ-01-2016-0008

  • Starik, M., & Collins, E. (2015). Practicing What We Teach (and Research): Paradoxes on the Paths to Advancing Sustainable Academic Careers and Lifestyles. Organization & Environment, 28(2), 131-136. doi:10.1177/1086026615591282

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NZIBR Executive Director

Associate Professor Eva CollinsAssociate Professor Eva Collins

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