Core Research Themes

The New Zealand Institute of Business Research has four core research themes:

  1. Business Performance and Leadership
  2. Agribusiness and Innovation
  3. Business in the Service Sector
  4. Business in Society

2017-2018 Research

Business Performance and Leadership

  • Structure of Servant Leadership

Agribusiness and Innovation

  • Water Management
  • Healthy Rivers
  • Dairy Industry Analysis
  • Kiwifruit Industry Analysis
  • Land Use Change
  • Trade Modelling
  • Environmental Contamination

Business in the Service Sector

  • Health Behaviour in Youth
  • Public Health Practice
  • Waikato Balance Sheet
  • Railway Feasibility
  • Non-Traffic Barriers to Trade

Business in Society

  • Accessible Transport
  • Conservation Investment
  • Household Surveys
  • Poverty Maps
  • Discrete Choice Experiments
  • Food and Nutritional Security
  • Transport and Wellbeing