Mobile Device Policy

Responsibility for policy: Director of Information and Technology Services
Approving authority: Assistant Vice-Chancellor (Student and Information Services)
Last reviewed: April 2013
Next review date: April 2016

This policy is currently under review.

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  1. This policy applies to all staff of the University of Waikato.


  1. The purpose of this policy is to set out the principles and processes that apply with respect to the purchase and use of mobile devices.


  1. This policy applies to all mobile devices, whether purchased from operational budgets, research trust accounts, or through the University's OYOD programme.


  1. In this policy:
  2. mobile device means a mobile phone, smart phone (internet capable mobile phone), tablet (e.g. iPad), data card and/or mobile broadband device purchased either partly or fully with University funds

    OYOD (Own Your Own Device) means a mobile device purchased through the University's OYOD programme (the University's OYOD programme is currently limited to mobile phones and smart phones).

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  1. The University supports the development of a mobile workplace for its staff.
  2. Subject to the approval processes set out in section 16 below, staff are eligible for a mobile device only if
    1. they require it for the purposes of conducting University business, and only if they are expected to work regularly outside normal business hours and/or away from their normal place of work (desk or office), and/or their research focuses on mobile devices, and
    2. all the associated costs can be met within the relevant cost centre budget.

Purchasing and ownership

  1. The University has negotiated a preferred supplier arrangement with one mobile telecommunications provider with whom corporate mobile plans have been leveraged on the total University telecommunications spend; no mobile plans may be arranged outside the University's preferred supplier arrangement.
  2. Under the University's OYOD programme, and subject to the provisions of this policy, the University may make a contribution to the cost of a mobile device, with the balance of the cost being met by the staff member, who becomes the owner of the device.
  3. All mobile devices, including OYODs, must be purchased through Campus Computers in accordance with the Procurement Policy.
  4. Unless they are OYODs, mobile devices provided to staff under this policy are owned by the University.

Tablet devices

  1. The default capability for tablet devices is WiFi.
  2. A line manager who wishes to recommend the purchase of a tablet device with 3G capability must put forward a case for consideration by the relevant Dean, Director or equivalent, which sets out the reasons why 3G capability is required in addition to WiFi.
  3. When considering a case for a 3G tablet device, the relevant Dean, Director or equivalent must give consideration to:
    1. how frequently the tablet device will be used out of WiFi coverage, and whether 'tethering' it to a smartphone WiFi hotspot would be a more cost-effective option
    2. the extra cost of the 3G tablet device.

Responsibilities of the Director of Information and Technology Services

  1. The Director of Information and Technology Services is responsible for
    1. managing the University's mobile device procurement, plans and services
    2. determining any terms and conditions, along with any other relevant agreements, associated with mobile devices
    3. monitoring costs incurred by staff using mobile devices, and reporting any matters of concern to the relevant Dean, Director or equivalent
    4. maintaining a register of mobile devices in the University.

Responsibilities of line managers

  1. Authority to approve the provision of a mobile device to a staff member rests with the relevant Dean, Director or equivalent on the recommendation of the relevant line manager; both the line manager and the approving authority must be satisfied that the criteria listed under section 7 have been met.
  2. Line managers are responsible for:
    1. arranging, through the Director of Information and Technology Services, any mobile device upgrades, mobile plans, and reassignment or disposal of mobile devices
    2. reviewing the monthly reports provided by the Director of Information and Technology Services and ensuring that the costs incurred by their staff when using mobile devices are, in their opinion, reasonable and appropriate
    3. unless they are OYODs, ensuring that any mobile devices are returned by their staff at the end of their employment, or if they transfer to a position where a mobile device is not required, or otherwise when the line manager requests
    4. informing the Director of Information and Technology Services of any reallocation of mobile devices within their area of responsibility to ensure that the University's register of mobile devices can be kept up to date
    5. monitoring compliance with this policy, and any associated terms and conditions, by their staff and reporting any breaches to the Director of Information and Technology Services
    6. ensuring that any of their staff with OYODs have paid all relevant costs at the end of their employment.

Responsibilities of staff

  1. Subject to approval under section 16 and payment of relevant costs, a staff member may opt to purchase a mobile device under the University's OYOD programme.
  2. As a condition of being assigned a mobile device, including an OYOD, staff must sign their agreement to any relevant terms and conditions.
  3. A staff member assigned a mobile device, including an OYOD, must
    1. operate the device in the most cost-effective manner for the University
    2. if its is a 3G tablet device, ensure that it is configured to share data with the staff member's other mobile devices
    3. take reasonable care to prevent accidental damage, loss or theft
    4. register the device, including an OYOD, on the University's mobile device system in order to ensure that any University work data stored on the device can be adequately protected (and remotely wiped if the mobile device is lost or stolen)
    5. if the device is an OYOD, meet any personal financial obligations associated with its purchase
    6. use mobile devices in vehicles in accordance with the rules set out in the University's Vehicle Use Policy
    7. not use mobile devices in any way that is unethical, illegal or otherwise has the potential to unjustifiably being the University into disrepute.
  4. Staff assigned a mobile device, including an OYOD, may use the device for both work and private purposes; however, if usage exceeds the data and voice allowances in the relevant plan, staff must personally reimburse the University for the excess usage or obtain approval from their line manager for the additional costs to be met by the University.

Responsibility for monitoring compliance

  1. The Director of Information and Technology Services is responsible for monitoring compliance with this policy and reporting any breaches to the Assistant Vice-Chancellor (Student and Information Services).
  2. Breaches of this policy may result in disciplinary action under the Staff Code of Conduct.

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