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Alcohol on University Premises Policy
Annual Leave Management Policy
Appointment and Employment of Relatives or Close Friends of Staff Members Policy
Art Collection Policy
Branded Merchandise Policy
Bullying and Harassment Policy
Capital Asset Policy
CCTV Surveillance Policy
Child Protection Policy
Children on Campus Policy
Code of Student Conduct
Computer Systems Regulations
Corporate Data Management Policy
Critical Event and Business Continuity Policy
Drone Policy
Employee Engagement, Participation and Representation in Health and Safety Policy
Environmental Sustainability Policy
Equal Employment Opportunity Policy
Evaluation of Teaching and Papers Policy
Financial Authority Policy
Financial Ethics Policy
First Aid Policy
Flexible Working Arrangements Policy
Fraud and Corruption Policy
Fundraising and Philanthropy Acceptance Policy
Gift Acceptance Policy
Health and Safety Policy
Health Monitoring Policy
Independent Contractor Policy
Intellectual Property Rights Policy
Interests (Conflicts of Interest) Policy
Koha, Donations and Sponsorship Policy
Management of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses Policy
Media Policy
Mobile Device Policy
Paper Outline Policy
Parking and Traffic Regulations
PCard Policy
Personal Information and Privacy Policy
Policy for Members of the Academic Staff Engaging in Commercial Consultancy Activities
Policy on the Use of Māori for Assessment
Private Vehicles for University Business Policy
Procurement Policy
Protected Disclosures Policy
Provision of Computers for Staff and Recycling and Disposal of University Computer Equipment Policy
Records Management Policy
Rental Vehicle Policy
Reporting of Accidents and Incidents Policy
Scholarships Policy
Smoke Free Policy
Social Media Policy
Space Allocation and Management Policy
Staff Code of Conduct
Staff Performance and Professional Development Policy
Study Leave Policy
Travel Policy
Treasury Management Policy
University of Waikato Common Seal Policy
Vehicle Use Policy
Volunteer Service Policy


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