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Policy News

  • The Financial Ethics Policy has been reviewed with no changes made.
  • A new First Aid Policy intended to set out the University's standards with respect to the provision of first aid resources has been approved.
  • A new Fundraising and Philanthropy Acceptance Policy intended to set out the principles and processes that apply to University fundraising and the acceptance of philanthropic gifts, bequests and grants has been approved.
  • The Privacy Commissioner has posted a couple of YouTube videos that may of interest to staff involved in working with at-risk children who have concerns about the wellbeing and safety of those children (see the Child Protection Policy). The videos can be viewed here and here.
  • Consultation on a draft Working from Home Policy closed on 31 March 2017. A number of concerns were raised about the policy and consideration is being given to next steps.

Policy Reviews

The following policies are currently under review:

Feedback on any of these policies is invited to

Policy Updates

Recent updates have been made to the following policies:

  • Paper Outline Policy - updated to take account of the change from internal assessment/examination ratios to percentage weightings.

New Policies

The following proposed new policies are currently in development:

  • Academic Agreements Policy - intended to set out the strategic principles and processes that apply when entering into academic agreements with other institutions.
  • Code of Student Conduct - intended to give guidance to students on the standards of conduct expected by the University.
  • Contract Management Policy - intended to ensure that the University manages contracts in a consistent manner
  • Work Integrated Learning Placement Policy - intended to set out responsibilities and authorities around work integrated learning papers at the University for staff, students and placement providers.

Suggestions on matters relevant to these topics or suggestions for other new policies are invited to

Q & A

Policy-related questions can be submitted to the Manager, Policy and Governance either by email to or or through the feedback facility at the bottom of each policy. Answers will be posted here.

Question: Bullyng and Harassment Policy

"No confidence that this policy is upheld, and experience suggests most managers need a reminder about it on a quarterly basis (or more often)." - Anonymous, 24 October 2017


Staff will be reminded about their obligations under this policy via the Official Circular every six months, as is already the case with the Fraud and Corruption Policy and the Protected Disclosures Policy. - Tracy Pilet, Manager Policy and Governance

Last updated 25 January 2018


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