Assoc. Prof. Māui Hudson

Iwi: Te Whakatohea, Ngā Ruahine, Te Mahurehure

Qualifications: BHSc(Physiotherapy) AIT, MHSc(Ethics) AUT


About Māui

Māui is an interdisciplinary researcher who focuses on the application of mātauranga Māori to decision-making across a range of contemporary contexts from new technologies to health, the environment to innovation. He has co-authored a number of ethical guidelines including Te Ara Tika: Guidelines on Māori Research Ethics, a framework for researchers and ethics committee members; Te Mata Ira Guidelines on Genomic Research with Māori; and He Tangata Kei Tua Guidelines on Biobanking with Māori.

Māui's current research projects include:

  • Te Nohonga Kaitiaki - developing Guidelines for Genomic Research with Taonga Species
  • Co-Innovation Interface - exploring Māori perspectives on gene editing
  • Te Tuakiri o te Taonga - developing Biocultural Labels to recognise indigenous rights in genomic data
  • He Papa Moana - developing a cross cultural ocean knowledge platform as part of the Moana project
  • Māori IP & Responsible Innovation - understanding the intersection between intellectual property and Indigenous data sovereignty

Māui supports Māori to engage in the research sector as a co-convener of SING Aotearoa, the New Zealand chapter of the Summer Internship for Indigenous Genomics, and Te Ahu o Rehua, a Network for Cross Cultural Ocean Knowledge connecting expertise across the fields of climate change, marine science, ocean health, voyaging and non-instrument navigation. Māui also advocates for Māori rights and interests through Te Mana Raraunga: Māori Data Sovereignty Network and the Global Indigenous Data Alliance. He is a co-founder of ENRICH, a joint initiative between the University of Waikato and New York University, and a co-developer of the Biocultural Labels Initiative.

Recent Publications

  • Gardner-Vandy, K., Scalice, D., Chavez, J. C., David-Chavez, D. M., Daniel, K. J., Gonzales, E., . . . Kirk, M. (2021). Relationships first and always: A guide to collaborations with indigenous communities. Bulletin of the AAS, 53(4). doi:10.3847/25c2cfeb.0de1af1a

  • Hudson, M. (2021). Indigenous data sovereignty: Towards an equitable and inclusive digital future. In A Digital New Deal - Just Net Coalition and IT for Change. Retrieved from

  • Hudson, M. (2021). Indigenous right, indigenous data & indigenous knowledge [Invited Talk]. In 2021 Australasian Computer Science Week (online). Hosted by Australasian Computer Science, Dunedin, New Zealand.

  • Hudson, M. (2021). Applied extra legal interventions: The traditional knowledge and biocultural labels. In Traditional Knowledge Division Guest Lecturer Series, Geneva, Switzerland.

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