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The role of resiliency in enhancing health and well-being in indigenous communities

This international Indigenous collaboration across Australia, New Zealand and Canada has explored resistance and resilience; the ways in which indigenous communities use their strengths to protect themselves and enhance their health and well-being in relation to blood-borne viruses (BBVs) and sexually transmitted intections (STI’s). The project has used Indigenous and interdisciplinary approaches to determine how Indigenous people are able to protect themselves from infections such as hepatitis C and HIV despite the high rates found in some Indigenous communities across these countries. The New Zealand arm of the study, Mauri Tu Mauri Ora, – funded over three years by the Health Research Council - included researchers Dr Clive Aspin, (University of Sydney), Dr Mihi Ratima, Dr Nigel Dickson, (Dunedin School of Medicine), Dr Rhys Jones (University of Auckland) and Professor Linda Smith (University of Waikato).

Project Information

Māori Pacific Psychologies

Poulsbo Panel 2010

Māori Health Today:Strategies for Improving Māori Health and Well-being

HIV and Indigenous Peoples in Aotearoa, Australia and Canada

HIV/AIDS Epidemiology Update

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