Honour Project Aotearoa


The Honour Project Aotearoa is a research project funded by the Health Research Council. The overall aim of ‘Honour Project Aotearoa’ is to undertake a research project that investigates the life experiences of Takatāpui to gain insight into understandings of health and wellbeing and investigates issues of access, provision and appropriateness of the health care services to this specific Māori community. Specific objectives that will achieve this aim include:

  1. Undertake a survey questionnaire through a Kaupapa Māori research process, to elicit in-depth information pertaining to Takatāpui life experiences and the impact on meeting health and wellbeing needs.
  2. Carry out a review of literature related to Takatāpui life experiences, and related health and wellbeing.
  3. Conduct a series of qualitative interviews with 30 - 40 participants utilising pūrākau and digital storytelling approaches.
  4. Facilitate Thought Space Wānanga to provide key stakeholders in the area with information based on the findings of the research to support their policies, practices and development of appropriate services for Takatāpui.
  5. Disseminate research findings through multiple methods including online, journal articles, pūrākau and digital storytelling resources, community and conference presentations and Hui Takatāpui, and the final research report.

For more information, please contact Research Manager, Herearoha Skipper

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