Human Research Ethics Committee

(An Advisory Committee to the Vice-Chancellor)

Contact: [email protected]

The Human Research Ethics Committee is responsible to the Academic Board for the promotion, review and monitoring of ethical practice in human research carried out by staff or students of the University and for monitoring compliance with the University's Human Research Ethics Regulations.

Those intending to conduct human research should, in the first instance, assess the ethical status of their projects by discussion with colleagues (or if a student, with their supervisor) and with reference to any appropriate professional ethical codes. Every proposal for human research to be carried out by staff or students of the University must be referred to the relevant School or Departmental committee (or, where none exists, to the University Human Research Ethics Committee), which must satisfy itself that the research project:

  • will comply with the current professional standards pertaining to the discipline or paradigm within which the research is to be conducted, and
  • is in accordance with University policies and principles of human research.

The committee structure and membership are provided here (pp. 67-68 of the Committee Directory document).

University Regulations and Guidelines

Ethical Conduct in Human Research and Related Activities Regulations

Handbook on Research and Outside Professional Activities (being updated)

Staff Code of Conduct

Student Research Regulations

Postgraduate Studies

Meeting dates for the central Human Research Ethics Committee (Health)