Confirmed deadlines and dates for the central Human Research Ethics Committee (Health) meetings are noted below. Divisional ethics committee meetings will be noted as and when the dates are available.

Application deadline Meeting date
Wednesday 31 January Tuesday 20 February
Thursday 29 February Tuesday 19 March
Thursday 28 March Tuesday 16 April
Tuesday 30 April Tuesday 21 May
Friday 31 May Tuesday 18 June
Friday 28 June Tuesday 16 July
Wednesday 31 July Tuesday 20 August
Friday 30 August Tuesday 17 September
Friday 27 September Tuesday 15 October
Thursday 31 October Tuesday 19 November
Friday 29 November Tuesday 17 December


Meeting dates for the Central HREC (Health)

Applicants can make appointments to discuss their application with the Chair of the committee, or another committee member by email -