University Human Research Ethics Committee 2019

  1. Chairperson appointed by Academic Board: Dr Julie Barbour 
  2. One academic staff member appointed annually by each Board of Studies on the nomination of the relevant Dean:

    Arts and Social Sciences Dr  Maebh Long
    Computing and Mathematical Sciences Prof Mark Apperley
    Education Dr Sonja Arndt/Dr Nicola Daly         
    Law Dr Alberto Alvarez-Jimenez
    Management Dr Suzette Dyer
    Māori and Indigenous Studies A/Prof Maui Hudson
    Science and Engineering Dr Karsten Zegwaard
  3. One person, not a University of Waikato staff member, appointed by the Vice Chancellor: Dr Mike Loten
  4. One Postgraduate student appointed annually by the Vice Chancellor: Stephen Cantwell/Juliana Brown
  5. Co-opted members: Dr Armon Tamatea, Clinical Psychology; Dr Matt Driller, HSHP; A/Prof Brett Langley, HSHP; Dr Ruth Walker, Applied Ethics; other members co-opted as needed.
  6. Secretary: Lois Vuursteen, email

Human Research Ethics Committee (Health)

The University of Waikato Human Research Ethics Committee has NZ Health Research Council Ethics Committee (HDEC) approval to review health and disability research applications.

In the first instance, all applications are forwarded to the Faculty / School of Studies / department committee. Students are encouraged to seek guidance from their supervisors.

The constitution of the University HREC(Health) is the same as the University HREC.

Delegated Ethics Committees

The University of Waikato Human Research Ethics Committee has authorized the below delegated Human Research Ethics Committees to undertake, prior to the commencement of the research or related activities, the review of low risk proposals involving human participants. The review is to ensure that the proposals comply with the principles and policies adopted by the Academic Board and are defensible in terms of current debate within the relevant discipline or paradigms.

Delegated Ethics Committees

  • Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Computing and Mathematical Sciences
  • Faculty of Education
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Māori and Indigenous Studies
  • Faculty of Science and Engineering
  • School of Psychology
  • Waikato Management School
Four new delegated Divisional ethics committees are likely to replace the eight existing committees in the second half of 2019.