Our People

External enquiries are welcome through our contact form, via email or phone (07) 838 4166; alternatively, please contact one of our Research/Business Development Managers.

UOW researchers, please contact your Research Management Advisor in the first instance.

Research & Enterprise central location: Ground floor, B Block, Gate 5, Hillcrest Road, Hamilton

Leadership Team

Prof Bruce Clarkson, Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research
Dr Simon Lovatt, Director, Research & Enterprise

Research & Business Development Managers

Dr Trev Drage (Public and private sector relationships), based in Wellington
Shane Stuart (Science and technology in the Bay of Plenty region), based in Tauranga
Dr John Tyrrell (Environment and Biological Industries)
Brian Cole, Project Manager (Science & Engineering/Computer & Mathematical Sciences)

Research Management Advisors

Anthea Kivell (Science & Engineering, Management)
Carol Robinson (Science & Engineering, Computing & Mathematical Sciences)
Bridget Holland (Health, Computing & Mathematical Sciences)
Nadine Viljoen (Education, Health, Carbon Dating)
Jenny Robertson (Arts, Law, Psychology, Social Sciences, Māori & Indigenous Studies, Te Kotahi Research Institute)
Natasha Mutyambizi (Law, Management)
Paul Westerbeke (Central)
Dr Nicola Win, Research Grant Application Writer (University-wide)

Contracts and IP Staff

Suzanne Guilford, Contracts Officer (Education; Arts, Law, Psychology & Social Sciences; Māori & Indigenous Studies; Te Kotahi Research Institute; Management)
Dr Roslyn Murray, IP Manager, Enterprise/WaikatoLink
Stephen Turner, Contracts Officer (Science & Engineering; Computing & Mathematical Sciences; Health)

Central, WaikatoLink, and Allied Staff

Lois Vuursteen, Executive Assistant, Research, and central contact person for Ethics
Jane Burnett, Administration Assistant, Enterprise/WaikatoLink
Adrienne Anderson, PBRF and Research Information Systems Manager, and central contact person for PBRF
Dr Belinda Sleight, Director, University of Waikato Napier Centre
Matthew McMahon, General Manager Commercial, Enterprise/WaikatoLink
Frances Oliver, General Manager Finance, Enterprise/WaikatoLink
Anton Steiner, Business Analyst, Enterprise/WaikatoLink
Dr Anna Henning, Commercialisation Specialist, Enterprise/Waikatolink
Douglas Hillyer, Commercialisation Specialist, Enterprise/Waikatolink
Shlok Kant, Commercialisation Specialist, Enterprise/Waikatolink
Dr James Hutchinson, CEO – KiwiNet