The Research & Enterprise Office works closely with University of Waikato researchers to support all research-related activities, including consultancies and commercialisation. Read on for an overview of the support services we provide.

Project funding and contracting

Advice on public and private funding sources

As a University, we are eligible to apply to a wide range of public and private funding sources. For more information, get in touch with one of our Research Management Advisors, who can work with you to decide on the best funding pathway(s) for your research, as well as provide targeted information and support throughout the application processes.

Proposal development

Our team has many years of experience in supporting proposal preparation and business case development for various funding pathways. We can help develop budgets and IP management plans, assist in identifying project partners and market channels, provide writing support and advice, and project management support. Our Research Management Advisors can work with you to understand what's needed and how we can help.

Contracting and IP management

Our Contracts and IP team has extensive expertise in drafting, negotiating and reviewing legal agreements and contracts. We provide advice and support on contracting and legal matters relating to your project, as well as intellectual property (IP) management including IP advice for University staff and students, IP strategy development, advice on the patenting process, patent searching, IP protection and patent filings.

External research and commercialisation

Business development and commercialisation

If you have an idea or research concept that could have market application, our Research & Business Development team can support you throughout the commercialisation process. Initially, this involves an early-stage commercial assessment, followed by business-case development and investment raising to fund developments, and eventually deal negotiation with commercial partners.

Industry connections and external partnerships

External partnerships are valuable in supporting funding proposals and gaining consultancy contracts, as well as optimising the potential for ongoing public and private investment in your research. Our Research & Business Development team collectively has strong regional, national and international networks that can be useful in building relevant research connections. Our goal is to support you in developing partnerships that could lead to research funding, collaborative developments, funded student projects, contract research and external investment opportunities.

Market intelligence

The use of up-to-date market information can be valuable in setting your funding proposal apart from the rest. We can carry out market research and validation to support your research, which can help guide decision making, as well as provide an understanding of implementation pathways and end-user benefits.

University processes

Ethics Committee liaison

We provide administrative support for the University of Waikato Animal Ethics Committee and Human Research Ethics Committee and can arrange for your ethics application to be considered by the relevant committee. Visit our Ethics pages for further information.

PBRF support

The Performance-Based Research Fund (PBRF) is a highly competitive research fund that provides a significant annual income stream to the University of Waikato. We are taking a 'one University' approach to support academic staff for the 2026 PBRF round. Visit our PBRF website (login required) for further information.