Current Marsden Fund projects

The Marsden Fund is the primary mechanism in New Zealand for funding pure research, which is undertaken solely to increase knowledge. The Fund is managed by Te Apārangi Royal Society of New Zealand and supports research that is investigator-driven rather than funder- or industry-driven.

ProjectDuration Principal Researcher(s) Contract Value
The dating game of loanwords: linguistic and sociolinguistic characteristics influencing loanword usage 2017-2020 Dr Andreea Calude $300,000
Macromolecular rate theory (MMRT) and the catalytic power of enzymes 2017-2020 Prof Vic Arcus $870,000
Using New Zealand’s divaricate plants to test a new hypothesis about the evolution of anti-browsing defences 2017-2020 Dr Christopher Lusk $830,000
Counting our Tūpuna: Colonisation and Indigenous Survivorship in Aotearoa NZ 2017-2020 Prof Tahu Kukutai $735,000
While you were sleeping: Nap-dependent emotional memory processing in infants 2017-2020 Dr Sabine Seehagen $300,000
From geothermal hot springs to microbial gene pools: Explaining intra-species genomic variations in bacteria 2018-2021 Dr Charles Lee $925,000
Refugee families in early childhood education: Constructing pathways to belonging 2018-2021 A/Prof Linda Mitchell $845,000
Taku ara ra, ko Turongo raua ko Mahinaarangi: (Re)tracing the journeys of our ancestors to restore tribal geographies 2018-2021 Dr Naomi Simmonds $300,000
Writing the new world: Indigenous texts 1900-1975 2018-2021 A/Prof Alice Te Punga Somerville $642,000
Melanesia Burning: The Explosion of Pentecostalism in the Western Pacific 2019-2022 Dr Fraser Macdonald $300,000
Te Kāpaukura a Kupe: The Ocean in the Sky – Māori Navigation Knowledge 2019-2022 Dr Haki Tuaupiki $300,000
Illuminating the dark side of restoration: Soil food web reassembly in regenerating forests 2019-2022 Dr Andrew Barnes $300,000
DNA repair systems of the Antarctic microbial metagenome 2019-2022 Dr Adele Williamson $300,000
In extremis: revealing novel metabolic pathways that support microbial populations in the deep subsurface biosphere of Mt Erebus, Antarctica 2019-2022 Prof Craig Cary $935,000
When and why did all the pā arrive? A multidisciplinary investigation into the spatial-temporal role of pā in the development of Māori culture 2019-2022 A/Prof Alan Hogg $827,000
The embrace of our ancestors: reimagining and recontextualising mātauranga Māori in psychology 2019-2022 Dr Waikaremoana Waitoki $859,000
Earth-shaking insight from liquefied volcanic-ash layers in lakes: using geotechnical experiments, CT-scanned lake sediment cores, and tephrochronology to map and date prehistoric earthquakes2020-2023Prof David Lowe$960,000
Macromolecular Rate Theory (MMRT) and the temperature-dependence of the terrestrial biosphere over time and space2020-2023Prof Vic Arcus$3,000,000
Mis-counting China2020-2023Prof John Gibson$858,000
Languaculture within Te Ao Māori: Learning from infants, whānau and communities2020-2023Prof Mere Berryman$841,000
  Total (excl. GST)$15,227,000