Current major contracts with the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) funds mission-led research to address issues of economic, environmental and/or social importance to New Zealand. MBIE contracts often involve end-users such as industry partners, government agencies and local authorities. Many projects support postgraduate students, providing invaluable experience for the students while increasing the pool of future research leaders.

Contract NameDuration Project Leader Contract Value
TiTeNZ: The New Zealand Titanium Technologies and Powder Metallurgy Platform 2014-2020 Dr Leandro Bolzoni (2015-2020) $12,600,000
STRATUS: Security Technologies Returning Accountability, Trust and User-centric Services in the Cloud 2014-2020 Dr Richard Nelson (2019-2020) $10,629,366
Capturing the Diversity Dividend of Aotearoa New Zealand 2014-2020 Prof Jacques Poot $4,844,238
Cretaceous tectonic transition from convergence to extension in New Zealand: Implications for basin development, paleogeography and hydrocarbon plays 2015-2019 Prof Peter Kamp $2,409,172
Enhancing the health and resilience of New Zealand lakes 2015-2019 Prof Troy Baisden (2017-2019) $5,136,709
Tipping-point responses of coastal primary productivity to projected ocean acidification scenarios 2016-2019 Prof Craig Cary $1,000,000
People, Cities and Nature: Restoring indigenous nature in urban environments 2016-2020 Prof Bruce Clarkson $2,862,684
Tracing hot spots and hot moments of nitrate contaminant input to freshwater 2017-2020 Prof Troy Baisden $1,000,000
Biologically based visual sensors for autonomous flight control and robotics 2017-2020 A/Prof John Perrone $1,000,000
Transforming motion error in time-of-flight range imaging to a high value measurement 2017-2020 Dr Lee Streeter $1,000,000
NetStinky: Allowing regular users to detect compromised IoT devices in home networks 2017-2020 Dr Matthew Luckie $1,000,000
Science Learning Hub 2018-2019 Prof Bronwen Cowie $1,000,000
He Waka Eke Noa: Māori cultural frameworks for violence prevention and intervention 2018-2022 A/Prof Leonie Pihama $2,160,384
An isotopic toolkit for cadmium management: from agrisystems to ecosystems 2018-2021 Dr Adam Hartland $1,000,000
Identifying solutions for using personal monitoring to support workers in hazardous industries 2018-2021 Dr Judith Bowen $1,000,000
Active earthquake isolation system 2018-2021 Prof Sinniah Ilanko $1,000,000
Harnessing marine invasive allelochemistry to fast track bioactive applications 2018-2021 Prof Chris Battershill $1,000,000
New approaches to detect invasive fish 2018-2021 Dr Clare Browne $1,000,000
Eye on lakes: national monitoring of cyanobacterial blooms 2018-2021 Prof Ian Hawes $1,000,000
Evaluating earthquake risk using liquefied volcanic-ash layers in lakes 2019-2022 Prof David Lowe $1,000,000
User-friendly deep learning 2019-2022 Prof Geoffrey Holmes $1,000,000
A new method for measurements of muddy suspended sediments in aquatic environments 2019-2022 Dr Julia Mullarney $1,000,000
Turning the tide on prison violence 2019-2024 Dr Armon Tamatea $3,916,045
Strategic Science Investment Fund: Time-Evolving Data Science / Artificial Intelligence for Advanced Open Environmental Science ( Data Science Platform 2019-2026 Prof Albert Bifet $13,000,000
  Total (excl. GST) $72,558,598