Localised Water Heating

Running hot: Instant hot water on tap

Running a hot water tap until it is hot enough results in an unforgivable waste of drinking water. It is widely understood that running the hot water tap can also significantly increase individual energy, water and wastewater charges.

Researchers at the University of Waikato, led by Nihal Kularatna, have developed novel technology that will eliminate the 20–60 second cold-to-hot delay when a tap is turned on. Cold water stored in pipes is instantly headed up as soon as the tap is turned on.

This localised water heating device is one of many potential applications of supercapacitor technology developed at the University of Waikato.

This device not only conserves water, but will also assist architects in overcoming rigorous new water-heating standards. This technology could also have industrial applications, in situations where hot water storage is impractical or inefficient.

Research & Enterprise Waikato is in discussions with potential commercial partners for this technology and is keen to talk to investors or industry experts in this area.


Tipene Merritt, Business Development Manager (email, or see Tipene's profile)