Antibody drugs and diagnostics have changed the face of modern medicine, yet high development costs, complex manufacturing processes and relatively poor stability restrict their potential. OBodies are a new class of high-specificity binding proteins with several important advantages over the conventional antibody approach. OBodies' novel platform technology is based on a small, ubiquitous protein domain, the OB-domain. In nature, the OB-domain has evolved as a highly flexible binding domain, found in a wide variety of functional roles. We are able to exploit this natural flexibility, by selecting a candidate domain from the appropriate organism and engineering high target specificity and affinity. Proprietary libraries based on human and thermophillic bacterial OB-domains are under development for human therapeutics and diagnostics, respectively.


  • Clinical diagnostics
  • Point-of-care diagnostics
  • Medical therapeutics
  • Research tools


  • Significantly smaller than traditional antibodies and antibody fragments.
  • High stability, which means OBodies don't require refrigeration as antibodies do.
  • Broad range of applications due to small size and high specificity.

Commercial Objective

OBodies is seeking investment, partnerships and collaborations to advance the technology through to market ready.

Technology Status

Proof of Concept