Counting Ourselves - The Aotearoa New Zealand Trans and Non-binary Health Survey

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Subject(s)Education, Māori and Indigenous Studies, Nursing, Health Science, Psy...

DegreeDoctor of Philosophy (PhD)

SupervisorDr Jaimie Veale

About this opportunity

The aims of Counting Ourselves - The Aotearoa New Zealand Trans and Non-binary Health Survey are to

  • To document the emotional, physical, and sexual health disparities for trans and non-binary New Zealanders
  • To uncover the extent of experiences of stigma, discrimination, violence, and barriers to accessing healthcare and report how these experiences are related to health outcomes
  • To explore the extent to which social supports, including family/whanau, transgender community, and wider community supports, buffer the negative impacts of stigma and related experiences

The Counting Ourselves survey was conducted in 2018 with over 1,000 responses and in 2022 with over 2000 responses. It includes both quantitative and qualitative data. Some responses can be linked longitudinally between the surveys.

You can find more about the Counting Ourselves project at

We have openings for PhD candidates to work on topics aligned with the broad aims of the project as part of the Counting Ourselves team. Candidates will work under the supervision of Dr Jaimie Veale and others who are part of the Counting Ourselves team or collaboration network. Knowledge about trans and non-binary communities is preferred, and candidates should be willing to contribute to community-accessible dissemination as part of their PhD project.

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