Centre for Environmental Biomonitoring Solutions

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Mission Statement

Biomonitoring and biosecurity surveillance research is being revolutionised by methods such as environmental DNA, which use genetic data to detect and monitor species. But for all their promise, current methods are not scalable because we lack the technology for high-throughput applications.

CEBS - the Centre for Environmental Biomonitoring Solutions - unites biologists, engineers, and computer scientists, providing an infrastructure for cutting edge biomonitoring and biotech research. Our mission is to develop new tools that enable ecosystem monitoring at scales relevant to ongoing, rapid, high-capacity sampling requirements. Passionate about raising literacy around biomonitoring applications, we will also socialise our methods of sample collection, data analysis, and interpretation via training workshops and outreach.

In the research spotlight

At the University of Waikato, Dr Ang McGaughran's research on biodiversity is absolutely crucial in the face of climate change. Find out how you can support this essential research.

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The University of Waikato celebrated its most successful Marsden funding round in 2023, with 12 Waikato researchers awarded a collective ~$9 million from The Royal Society Te Apārangi. 

Dr Ang McGaughran was one of the successful grant recipients.

Ang's research - looking at extending Aotearoa New Zealand’s biodiversity and biosecurity toolbox - is crucial in the face of climate change and, like many of the ongoing research projects in CEBS, will have real-life benefits for our treasured ecosystems. Her work was recently selected to represent the research component of the University of Waikato’s Annual Appeal.