Research units and groups

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Waikato Gender Research Network (WGRN)

The Waikato Gender Research Network (WGRN) unites scholars from diverse disciplines to address gender-related research issues. It offers support, funding pursuit, and welcomes all staff and students interested in gender research.

Our research explores diverse construction materials for sustainable and cost-effective solutions. We incorporate modern methods like FRP and 3D printed concrete alongside cold-formed steel for various structural elements.

Computer graphic design research emphasises visual communication and interactivity, prioritising user experience across various media, including typography and advanced experimentation.

Researching how computer technology can better fit the user-needs, provide theories and tools to assist developers make useful and usable systems.

Machine learning automates data analysis, aiming to uncover patterns for understanding domains and making predictions. For instance, it can construct email spam filters and mine supermarket data for customer preferences using if-then rules.

The MPRU also provides invaluable, practical experience to Māori and non-Māori students through research opportunities, quality dissemination, and professional development activities.

WaiRAS mission is to produce both world leading academic research and solutions for New Zealand industry, including horticulture, agriculture, aquaculture, dairy, forestry and construction.