Waikato Centre for Advanced Materials and Manufacturing (WaiCAMM)

Key WaiCAMM research projects

  • NZ Titanium Powder Metallurgy Research and Development Collaboration
  • Resin formulation and manufacturing processes of biopolymers resins
  • Novel protein foams
  • New distinctive material systems and manufacturing processes for lightweight products
  • Assessing the potential of developing technology and creating a new material from recycled polyethylene and basalt composite
  • Next Generation Additive Manufacturing of Biomaterials - National Science Challenge SFTI
  • Towards bone regeneration by developing electroactive hybrid materials
  • Understanding the factors affecting the formation of a high quality interface between copper and diamond
  • Titanium matrix composite reinforced with silicon nitride nanofibre
  • Lightweight products
  • Advanced performance natural fibre composites
  • High entropy alloys
  • Architectured materials
  • Antibacterial biomedical alloys
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Advanced solidification
  • Advanced heat sink materials