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Crime Science is a practical field that draws from multiple disciplines to develop innovative problem-solving skills.

Why Study Crime Science and Forensic Psychology at Waikato?

At Te Puna Haumaru, we welcome students into a community of pragmatic thinkers who want to make society safer. The skills our students learn are transferable to a range of careers and include systematic and critical thinking, data analysis and communicating clearly with diverse audiences.

Forensic Psychology is a subdiscipline that links psychology to crime, the legal system, and the criminal justice system, with a focus on the reduction and prevention of criminal behaviour. Students studying with us gain understanding of important aspects of the legal and criminal justice systems (e.g., crime investigation and profiling, false confessions, and eyewitness evidence), as well as learning how effective behaviour change can occur.

Both Crime Science and Forensic Psychology place emphasis on the interaction between people and their environments to understand decision-making and behaviour change. Our students are taught by internationally respected academics who come from a range of educational and professional backgrounds and produce world-leading research.

Our students are provided with numerous opportunities to connect with other students, alumni and practitioners to support their future pathways.

High quality flexible learning options
Minors can be added to any undergraduate degree
An emphasis on building employability skills
Learn from internationally renowned academics

"The content has been so valuable; it has broadened my mind and given me a greater understanding of many aspects of crime and problem-solving."

"Crime science is multidisciplinary, meaning it involves many other disciplines, such as biology, geography, psychology, computer science and statistics just to name a few. Meaning it would relate to other areas of your study almost no matter what they are."

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Study options

Te Puna Haumaru delivers undergraduate papers in Crime Science and Forensic Psychology, and postgraduate papers in Security and Crime Science.

Undergraduate study

Students can complete a Minor in Crime Science or a Minor in Forensic Psychology in any undergraduate degree at the University of Waikato.

Postgraduate study