Another Decade of New Zealand Education Policy: Where to Now?

This collection provides a review of New Zealand education policy under the Labour-led government of 1999-2008 and the emerging policies of the National government elected in November 2008. 

ISBN: 978-0-9582504-5-0

Coping With Change: Transition Events at School

This book addresses many of the issues associated with coping with change.

It is a useful resource for those responsible for transition programmes in schools, school principals, deans and also parents.

ISBN: 0-9582504-1-3

Authors: Noeline Wright & Dianne Forbes (Eds) Endorsed by Professor Curtis J. Bonk

Published: July 2015

978-0-473-32971-6 (epub)
978-0-473-32972-3 (pdf)
978-0-473-32973-0  (iBook)

Educational Philosophy and Theory

Authors: Michael A. Peters

Published: 2015

This first volume focuses on a collection of texts from the latter 20 years of Educational Philosophy and Theory, selected for their critical status as turning points or important awakenings in post-structural theory.

Impact of Covid-19 on the early childhood education sector in Aotearoa New Zealand: Challenges and opportunities. Initial findings from a survey of managers

Authors: Authors: Linda Mitchell, Edith Hodgen, Patricia Meagher-Lundberg and Clare Wells.

Published: 2020

The survey findings reported here present a picture of the initial impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on early childhood education (ECE) services from the perspectives and experiences of managers from education and care services, kindergarten associations, playcentre regions and homebased services.

International Perspectives on Older Adult Education

Authors: B. Findsen, M. Formosa (Eds.)

Published: 2016

This important book builds on recent publications in lifelong learning which focus on learning and education in later life. 

Knowing Ourselves

Authors: Deborah Fraser

Published: 2001

Children are often underestimated. The writing in this book reveals considerable talent, insight, playfulness and poignancy.

ISBN: 0-9583391-7-1


Published: 2003

This international refereed conference proceedings cd focuses on the impact of increased cultural linguistic diversity, at both national and supernational levels, and its consequences for the theory, policy and practice of language education.

ISBN: 0-9582504-0-5

Authors: Michael A Peters

Published: 2013

This book is based on an Inaugural Professorial Lecture delivered at the University of Waikato on 26 March 2013.

ISBN: 978-0-9922497-1-7

Making a Difference: Leadership for the Future - Has Leadership Theory Lost its Way?

Authors: Christopher M Branson

Published: 2014

This book is based on an Inaugural Professorial Lecture delivered at the University of Waikato on 17 September 2013.

ISBN: 978-0-9922497-3-1

Making a Difference: Learning in Later Life

Authors: Brian Findsen

Published: 2014

This lecture was delivered by Professor Brian Findsen on 11 August, 2009. Since that time at least two significant events have occurred that have diminished the opportunities for local older adults to participate in continuing education.

ISBN: 978-0-9922497-4-8

Authors: Dawn Penney

Published: 2013

This lecture endeavours to capture how my involvement in curriculum developments and initiatives in physical education internationally, over more than 20 years, has collectively shaped my current thinking about future directions in physical education.

ISBN: 978-0-9922497-0-0

Outstanding Research about Women and Sport in New Zealand

Authors: Camilla Obel, Toni Bruce and Shona Thompson (Editors)

Published: 2008

This collection of research about New Zealand women and sport, the first of its kind, acknowledges these outstanding achievements but also recognises that much remains outstanding in terms of achieving full equality.

ISBN: 0-9582504-2-1

Research on Learning, Curriculum and Teachers Roles

Authors: Clive McGee and Clare Penlington

Published: 2000/2001

This series of four reports offers a comprehensive overview of the international literature on learning, curriculum and teachers' roles.

Authors: Wendy Drewery and The Restorative Practices Development Team

Published: 2003

This Kete was prepared with a view to informing those who may be considering introducing the practices into their school.

ISBN: 0-9583318-5-5

Talking History

Authors: Philippa Hunter and Bruce Farthing

Published: 2004

The "Talking History" research case study examines Waikato history teachers' perceptions of the nature and purpose of the subject history in the New Zealand curriculum.

ISBN: 0-9583318-9-8

The Educational Needs of Children with Cancer

Authors: Deborah Fraser

Published: 2008 (2nd Edition)

This qualitative study of 12 families included children aged from four to 15 years and focussed on the children's educational needs.

ISBN: 0-9582504-3-X