Accessing the Integrated Data Infrastructure (IDI) Data Lab

The University of Waikato and more specifically Te Ngira: Institute for Population Research, situated in the Division of Arts, Law, Psychology and Social Science offers access to Stats NZ’s comprehensive database, the Integrated Data Infrastructure (IDI), via our onsite Data Lab.

The Data Lab is a service that allows researchers to access anonymised microdata to conduct population research in a secure and confidential way.

The IDI is maintained by Stats NZ and contains de-identified information on individuals and households in New Zealand. This data is sourced from various government agencies, Stats NZ surveys, and non-government organizations (NGOs), covering areas such as education, income, benefits, migration, justice, and health.

The IDI also contains data relating to the Longitudinal Business Database (LBD), which focuses on business-related microdata. These two databases are interconnected using tax data, providing a comprehensive perspective that encompasses both individual and business information.

To protect privacy and maintain anonymity, all data in the IDI is safeguarded by legal measures to prevent the identification of individuals. Researchers have the opportunity to request access to the IDI, enabling them to address complex issues and enhance outcomes for the people of New Zealand.

Opening Hours

For approved users, access to the lab is during the hours of 8.00am to 6.00pm (except during university closure periods).


J.2.20- Arts and Social Sciences building, Gate 1, University of Waikato

Access to our Data Lab

In order to access the IDI Data Lab, you must provide a copy of your project approval from Stats NZ and confirmation that you have completed the Stats NZ confidentiality training session.

NOTE: Use of our data lab is an acknowledgement that you have read the policy and will always follow it, IDI Data Lab Site Security & Access Policy.

Who can access the data lab?

  • University of Waikato staff that are Stats NZ approved IDI researchers
  • University of Waikato students that are Stats NZ approved IDI researchers
  • External organisations that are Stats NZ approved IDI researchers

How you gain access to the data lab

Once you’ve been approved by Stats NZ as an approved Data Lab researcher, please email Te Ngira on; to obtain access. Proof of your approved research project will be required.