1. Decide on the appropriate dating option/s.
  2. Prepare your sample/s. This depends on your sample type and size requirements.
  3. Complete the Sample Submission Form  (PDF, Word Doc or Online).
  4. Invoice details must be provided at the time of submission.
  5. Send sample/s to the Waikato Radiocarbon Dating Laboratory. Check turnaround time for when you can expect results from testing.
  6. The Lab will email you a confirmation once we have received the sample/s.
  7. The Lab will date the sample/s following our operating procedures.
  8. You will receive an Age Report that includes the calibrated age range for your sample/s.
  9. Invoicing is in NZD. If payment in another currency is requested, a service charge of NZD30 will be added.


  • We are unable to return spare sample material.
  • Spare material may be used for improving in-house processes.

If you have any questions regarding the sample submission process, please contact us.