Professor Devon L L Polaschek

Devon Polaschek

Director, Te Puna Haumaru New Zealand Institute for Security and Crime Science; Professor, Psychology

Qualifications: DipClinPsych Canterbury, PhD Victoria

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About Devon

Devon Polaschek is a clinical psychologist and professor of psychology. Her interests are in causes and prevention strategies for criminal behaviour, and in improving staff effectiveness in the criminal justice system. She is also the Director of the Te Puna Haumaru New Zealand Institute of Security and Crime Science (NZISCS).

Papers Taught

Research Supervised

My research students are conducting projects on family harm, stalking, hate crime, prison violence,  and  with: people at high risk of violence and what helps them to live better lives and be less involved in violence and crime.

Research Interests

Theory, assessment, intervention, intervention evaluation with for people with extensive general and violent offending histories, and with family harm perpetrators, from both person and environmental perspectives. I am also a member of a team looking at understanding and intervention to reduce prison violence (Ngā Tumanakotanga). I am currently interested in supervising PhDs in the areas of prison violence, violent offending, imprisonment effects, parole, desistance, offender rehabilitation, offender reintegration, treatment change, and  works with offenders.

Recent Publications

  • Norman, E. M., Polaschek, D. L. L., & Starkey, N. J. (2022). Executive function in individuals who are compliant and non-compliant with the conditions of a community-based sentence. Psychiatry, Psychology and Law. doi:10.1080/13218719.2021.2003268

  • Curtis‐Ham, S., Bernasco, W., Medvedev, O. N., & Polaschek, D. L. L. (2022). A new geographic profiling suspect mapping and ranking technique for crime investigations: GP‐SMART. Journal of Investigative Psychology and Offender Profiling. doi:10.1002/jip.1585 Open Access version:

  • Tompson, L., Davies, S., & Polaschek, D. (2022). Systematic evidence map of disparities in police outcomes: database. Retrieved from

  • Sutton, A., & Polaschek, D. L. L. (2022). Evaluating return-to-work programmes after critical incidents: a review of the evidence. Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology. doi:10.1007/s11896-022-09536-4

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Crime; Psychology; Violence

criminal behaviour violent offending imprisonment parole rehabilitation crime perpetrators, desistance, reintegration family violence p what works with offending prison violence

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Email: [email protected]
Room: J.1.03
Phone: +64-7-837-9224