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NZISCS researchers come from the following Faculties, Schools and Departments from the University of Waikato:

We collaborate with national and international organisations to conduct research across three broad themes:

Future Safe

Supports research into safe families, such as effective interventions to break the cycle of violent offending. Examples of research are projects that test the effectiveness of policies to reduce alcohol related offending, design effective drug intervention, or evaluate sexual violence education programmes.

Students undertaking research in this area will be prepared for careers within public policy development, as advisers, social investment experts, or managers, in law enforcement, corrections or social agencies.

Future Intelligence

Supports work on analytical techniques and models that help detect and visualise patterns of events. For example, one project used Bayesian models to predict burglary risk. Other projects have developed models to optimise patrol tactics, detect crime-class trends, and detect cybersecurity breaches,

Students undertaking research in this area will be well prepared for careers within public and private sectors as analysts and advisors to the public and private sectors. Intelligence analysts investigate crime and accident patterns, monitor national and international security, and provide tactical and strategic information for law enforcement and security.

Future Technology

Develops soft and hard technology to record crime scenes, automate drug detection, identify stolen cars, and protect personal information. For example, students may work with the Cybersecurity Researchers of Waikato or the School of Engineering.

Students undertaking research in this area will be well prepared for careers within the public and private sectors as security enhancement engineers, community safety or law enforcement officers, or intelligence analysts.