Future Safe Research Projects

Research to find effective interventions that promote safer communities and families. Examples  are projects that test the effectiveness of policies to reduce alcohol related offending, design drug addiction intervention, or evaluate sexual violence education programmes.

Students undertaking research in this area will be prepared for careers within public policy development, as advisers, social investment experts, or managers, in law enforcement, corrections or social agencies.

Family Harm Pilot Study: To identify the course and outcome of family harm occurrences
Professor Devon Polaschek

Differences between biological and step fathers who kill their children - Aaron Wi Repa & Devon Polaschek (309KB)

Coercive Control in Intimate Partner Violence in New Zealand - Samantha Taaka, Apriel Jolliffe Simpson & Devon Polaschek (391KB)

Perpetrators of family harm already serving correctional sentences: Risk profiles and episode characteristics - Apriel Jolliffe Simpson, Lucy Moore, Chaitanya Joshi & Devon Polaschek (291KB)

Automated linguistic analysis of family harm reports
Dr Shaoqun Wu, Dr Andreea Calude and students

Building an effective methamphetamine strategy
Dr Pat Barrett, Dr William Cochrane, Mr Michael Thomson, Mr Nicholas Shoston

Evaluation of sexual violence prevention programme
Dr Bridgette Masters-Awatere and students

Evaluation of Whangarei one-way door policy
Associate Professor Michael Cameron, Dr William Cochrane, Dr Neville Robertson