Future Technology Research Projects

Soft and hard technology can record crime scenes, automate drug detection, identify stolen cars, and protect personal information. Researchers may work with the Cybersecurity Researchers of Waikato (CROW), with data mining and visualisation academics, or through the School of Engineering.

Students undertaking research in this area will be well prepared for careers within the public and private sectors as security enhancement engineers, community safety or law enforcement officers, or intelligence analysts.

An application to automate heat map production for different offence classes using ARC GIS
Dr Chaitanya Joshi and students

Automated identification of stolen goods
Dr Sivadon Chaisiri and students

An application to enable safe information to students
Mr Peter Reutemann and students

An application to notify traffic-camera stolen-vehicle alerts directly to front line police
Dr Peter Reutemann and students

An application to allocate summons notices by court and date
Dr Peter Reutemann and students