Academic misconduct involves any behaviour to obtain credit in assessment without complying with the requirements of that assessment item. This includes plaigiarism and cheating.

Plagiarism is copying text, ideas, concepts, images, and so on without providing accurate acknowledgment of the source of the information).

Cheating includes but is not limited to:

  • taking notes into tests and examinations,
  • using electronic devices to obtain information during a test or examination,
  • using online material (eg cheating websites) to help answer assessment material that is not allowed,
  • working with others when it is no permitted,
  • stealing other student’s assignments, and
  • copying or otherwise obtaining information that is not a student’s own work.

You can make a formal complaint in writing. This is sent to the Academic Integrity Advisor. A copy of the complaint is given to the student.

Anyone is able to make a complaint of misconduct about a student.

Please have a look at the guidelines for the Complaint Process for Plagiarism and Cheating for further information.