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When a student enrols, they sign a 'Student Declaration' agreeing to abide by the University of Waikato regulations as published in the University of Waikato Calendar and a breach of any of these regulations can result in a student misconduct complaint.

The definitions and processes for dealing with complaints of student misconduct are outlined in the Student Discipline Regulations.

The Student Discipline Committee is the group responsible for resolving complaints of misconduct. It consists of five members: a Chairperson, two academic staff, and two students. The Chairperson can delegate tasks to a Deputy Chairperson and to Academic Delegates based in the Divisions.

The five members are drawn from a pool of twelve staff and eightstudents. The staff members are nominated and appointed  by the Academic Board for three year terms which can be renewed. The student members are appointed annually by the Chairperson of the Student Discipline Committee.

The current staff members are:

NZQA have developed a Guide to Effective Practice in Preventing and Detecting Academic Fraud for teaching staff. This contains practical suggestions for staff to implement in their teaching and assessment.

If you have any further questions you can contact the Academic Integrity Advisor on [email protected]