Have you found plagiarism or cheating in your assessments?

Academic misconduct involves any behaviour to obtain credit in assessment without complying with the requirements of that assessment item. This includes plagiarism (copying text, ideas, concepts, images, and so on without providing accurate acknowledgment of the source of the information) and cheating (taking notes into tests and examinations, using electronic devices to obtain information during a test or examination, working with others when it is no permitted, stealing other student’s assignments, copying or otherwise obtaining information that is not a student’s own work).

If you suspect that a student has plagiarised or cheated in an assessment item you can obtain preliminary advice from your Chairperson or Dean, or from the Chairperson or Secretary of the Student Discipline Committee. (See also Part 3, Section 10 of the Student Discipline Regulations).

If you wish to make a formal complaint of misconduct, it must be in writing, either as a hard or electronic copy. The documents relating to the complaint are then forwarded to the Academic Integrity Advisor. A copy of the complaint is given to the student.

Anyone is able to make a complaint of misconduct about a student.

Complaints of cheating must detail the circumstances and be accompanied by all relevant information. Please have a look at the guidelines for the Complaint Process for Plagiarism and Cheating for further information.

Please complete the online complaint form and attach the documents electronically or complete the memo template and return with the relevant documents to the Academic Integrity Adviser. Complaints can be processed in a more timely manner if the online form is completed or if documents are emailed to the Academic Integrity Advisor.

The complaint memo includes:

  • complainant name and contact details,
  • the student’s name and ID number,
  • the paper code and name,
  • the assessment item in question,
  • the mark the assessment item is worth, and if it is a required piece of assessment, and
  • the assessment item instructions.

You must include a copy of the assessment item, copies of the sources cross-referenced or a Turnitin report.