What if I want to make a complaint about cheating or bad behaviour?

Anyone is able to make a complaint about a student’s behaviour if they believe it breaches the University's Student Discipline Regulations. You can get advice about this matter from the Academic Integrity Advisor.

All members of the University community are entitled to operate and interact in an environment of safety and respect. It is expected that students will act with integrity and demonstrate respect for others. If you believe a student has done something wrong, such as cheating in a test, or submitting an assignment they did not complete by themselves, you can make a formal complaint. Also, if you think that someone has breached the Code of Student Conduct, you can make a formal complaint. You must be able to provide evidence of this behaviour.

Making a complaint

All complaints must be made in writing and cannot be anonymous. If you believe there would be negative consequences if your name was revealed in the complaint, you can discuss this matter in confidence with the Academic Integrity Advisor. You are not required to appear at the discipline hearing unless you wish to do so.

You can submit the online complaint form and attach any relevant documents electronically or you can use a pro-forma complaint form.

A copy of the complaint will be given to the other student. Therefore, you must ensure the complaint is factual and accurate as it will be an official University document.

Contact the Academic Integrity Advisor if you have any questions