Withdrawal from Higher Research Degree Study

Withdrawal during the course of study

Candidates may withdraw from their programme of study at any time. This should be done in writing to the School of Graduate Research. Access to university resources, including supervision, is not available to students who have withdrawn from their programme of study.

Candidates may apply for a refund of fees on a monthly pro rata basis, less an administrative charge. Different criteria may apply for complete withdrawal from the programme on medical or compassionate grounds.

Candidates who have withdrawn from higher degree study may reapply at a later date, but will have to develop a new research proposal, and will not be able to use date collected during the previous period of enrolment.

Withdrawal within four weeks of first enrolling

Enrolled doctoral students may withdraw from their degree programme with a full refund of tuition fees during the first four weeks of acceptance of their enrolment, although an administrative charge may apply.