Benefits to becoming an affiliated club

Personnel support:
  • The University of Waikato Sport and Clubs Coordinator can assist with club funding plans, community grant applications, accountabilities, annual accounts audit or review, uniform orders, meeting regulations and attendance if required, advertisement, facility bookings etc. If your club is a new club, the Sport and Clubs Assistant can assist with becoming incorporated and charitable so that grant funding applications can be made.
  • The Sport Development Manager can assist with setting strategic sport objectives.
  • Sport and Physical Activity (Engagement) Board meetings are held quarterly for strategic input to advance the goals of the Sport and Wellbeing Strategy, enhance club structure and systems to make easier and more attractive for members to join and stay once joined.
Use of facilities/equipment hire through the Sport and Clubs Assistant:
  • University of Waikato Sports fields (50% off)
  • University of Waikato Outdoor courts (50% off)
  • Don Llewellyn Pavilion (free)
  • UniRec sports hall (free off peak, 50% at peak times)
  • School of Education gym and mirror room (free)
  • Access to meeting rooms on campus
  • University marquee/banner hire (free)
Personnel Development Opportunities (members and management committee):
  • UniRec discounted membership and physical conditioning services
  • Health and safety support for management committee
  • Coach Developer to help find and develop coaches within the sports clubs.
  • Clubs Day (All Trimesters)
  • University of Waikato Blues Awards
  • University of Waikato Sports Clubs Blazer Honours evening
  • Fundraising Quiz Nights
  • Assistance with organisation of prizegivings
  • Branding sponsorship: if using the University's exclusive sports clothing supplier, extra sponsorship and rebate can be used.
  • Promotion of your club (e.g., on our website, social media, newsletter, posters and at events such as Clubs Day)
  • Sponsorship (dependent on student numbers for the University of Waikato)

Requirements for becoming an affiliated club.

Once you register below, we will send you a Google Doc and request that you answer the following questions:

  • Are you an incorporated society or charity? If not, we can help!
  • Calendar of events for promotion to students
  • Aims/objectives of the club (template available)
  • Constitution (template available)
  • Committee members (minimum of four)
  • Approximate member and team numbers
  • Competitions entered into if relevant.
  • Budget/how would you spend your money (help with budget can be given)


Here are some club resources that may be helpful for new and established clubs:

Register your interest to be a sports club at the University of Waikato

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