As part of the constructive alignment of your learning outcomes, disciplinary knowledge, content, and assessments, consideration should also be given to assessment mapping - the whole of the curriculum and what is learned, taught, and assessed, when, and how.

Appropriate and relevant sequencing of learning and assessment is critical to help scaffold and enhance students’ knowledge acquisition. To ensure that students are not overburdened with competing deadlines wherever possible, it is critical to map assessment effectively across a paper and across a programme.

Such a mapping exercise will help identify the different types of assessment task being used (are all the tasks written? is there a mix of written and other assessment modes?) and will enhance curriculum coherence, highlighting any gaps, duplication and inconsistencies.

Tools to visualise assessment across a single paper or multiple papers are available through Moodle for both staff and students.

How to open the Moodle Assessment Map tool

  1. Go to your Moodle Dashboard.
  2. Under MyWaikato at the top right of the page, select Assessment Map.