The University documents the completion of a degree through a specific process to confirm that all requirements of the degree or qualification have been correctly fulfilled and that you are entitled to receive your qualification.

Completion of all the assessment items is a major part of this requirement, but there is a separate compulsory administrative process to be completed to receive the degree or qualification.

Your assessment requirements are completed when:
  • The assessment items for all your papers are marked.
  • You have achieved passing grades.

  • Your grades are finalised.

Some qualifications or degrees have specific requirements for completion, such as work experience, and confirmation of all such requirements is part of the completion process.


In addition to the qualification certificate conferred at graduation, you can obtain two other official records of your University study. These are an Academic Record and a Completion Letter. Both documents are printed on official University letterhead.

Academic Record

Every student who has ever been enrolled at the University of Waikato has the details of their academic achievements recorded in the University’s database. The official record of these achievements is called an Academic Record or Academic Transcript.

This record details your entire academic history with the University, all the papers in which you were enrolled, including failed papers, the grades you received, and any notes of relevance to your academic history.

It can be used to apply to other universities, and may be requested as part of a job application, especially overseas.

Completion Letter

Completion Letter is an official statement simply confirming your completion of a qualification at the University of Waikato.

It is a written official record of the status of your qualification and may be used before the graduation ceremony.

The time between completing a qualification and graduating can be several months.

My eQuals

The University of Waikato joined the My eQuals digital platform in August 2018. This enables you to get certified digital copies of your records and share them with other institutions and employers.

Read more about My eQuals.

Applications for free digital copies of your records can be made through the Exams and results tab in MyWaikato.

If you have any queries related to the use of My eQuals, please contact the Student Admin Team on


Details on Graduation processes.

Degree and Diploma Certificates

On completion of a qualification and once you have completed the Application to Graduate form, you may be presented with an official degree or diploma certificate, either at a formal graduation ceremony, or, if preferred, by mail (in absentia).

This official certificate is the confirmation of conferment of your qualification.

Applying for a replacement

If your original degree or diploma certificate is damaged, destroyed, stolen, or lost, you may apply to the Director, Student Services Division, to have the certificate replaced.

You should apply by forwarding a statutory declaration outlining why you need the certificate replaced to the Student Centre, Student Services Division. Included with the statutory declaration, if appropriate, should be the damaged certificate or a police or insurance report.

Please note that we will not release your certificate until we receive payment of the associated fee (contact the Student Centre for details on fees -

Please allow at least 10 working days between the receipt of the request and the posting of the certificate. Certificates are posted unless otherwise requested (a fee will apply if you wish to have it couriered).