Student voice is a way to actively contribute to the decision making processes at the University of Waikato.  Through different channels, students and alumni can provide feedback, share unique perspective and ideas, and influence outcomes and change at the University.

Core Student Voice Mechanisms

Student Barometer Survey

(Every two years)

The Student Barometer Survey is the University's key student experience survey.  It is sent to all currently enrolled students biennially via i-graduate. The survey gathers relevant feedback on arrival, learning, living and support, and allows for open comments, which provides a deeper level of understanding students' experiences.

Paper Evaluations

The University conducts formal evaluations on taught papers at all levels, these are sent directly to students and happen at least every second occurrence of the paper.

  1. Paper Evaluations capture students’ perceptions of learning objectives, assessment, resources, organisation, timing and overall learning experience. Evaluation of the paper is helpful for planning and development.
  2. Teaching Evaluations are designed to capture students’ perceptions of teaching effectiveness in relation to the ability to generate interest and engagement, approachability, clarity, providing opportunities for active learning, and enthusiasm for the subject and for teaching.

Class Representation

Coordinated by the Waikato Students’ Union (WSU) Voice Team, with the support of the Academic Office (staff only), Class Representation (Class Reps) enable students to work collaboratively with staff.  This is to enhance the student experience and help facilitate communication.  Class Reps are a conduit between students and lecturers, and create an opportunity for class feedback.

Graduate Destination Survey


The Graduate Destination Survey is a core mechanism to better understand what graduates have gained from their studies at the University, their employment patterns, and how their studies have contributed to their careers so far. It is sent to alumni approximately a year after graduating.

New Student Survey


Sent to new A Trimester students in March each year, the New Student Survey gathers feedback on why they chose the University of Waikato, application and enrolment process, orientation, and other initial experiences.  Data is used to revise and adjust processes for subsequent years.


Other ways to provide feedback

Beyond the core mechanisms, the University seeks student feedback through varying surveys, consultation processes, focus groups, workshops, user testing of technology systems, and various other forums.  Some of the other ways students can feedback and have a voice are via:

  • Waikato Students' Union
  • Student Clubs and Sports groups
  • Communicating directly with your teachers and university staff